Issue #1 Table of Contents

I am jumping out of my skin with excitement to show you the first issue. We’re nearly done and looking at a September launch now, mainly because August is totally busy with the election and pre-election protests that many of us at The Red Pen have been involved in. And we’re trying to set a date so it doesn’t clash with all the other radical things you want to go to.

So here is a taster for you, the table of contents for the debut edition.

  • Love-tokens – Ben Coggins – poetry
  • Azadi – Cipi Morgan – fiction
  • The Internationalists – RevolutionStryker a.k.a. J.T. – art
  • Poem for Palestine – Lucais O’Neil – poetry
  • Deliverance from Exile – Jordan Humphreys – fiction
  • He always chooses the best – Dalal – fiction
  • Green Assumptions – Lori Dietrich – fiction
  • Homage to NAPLAN – Jay Ayerson – poetry
  • Status Quo – Jay Ayerson – poetry
  • Jam – Jay Ayerson – poetry
  • Colour by Numbers – Jay Ayerson – poetry
  • Ozario’s Murder – Cipi Morgan – novella excerpt
  • Unbalanced – Bec Hynek – poetry
  • The ‘Caf’ – Bec Hynek – poetry
  • Dead Sea Salt – Bec Hynek – poetry
  • The Same Place – Benjamin Solah – fiction
  • Still Standing Toe to Toe – Azlan McLennan – review

About Benjamin Solah

My name's Benjamin Solah. I'm a horror writer and Marxist revolutionary from Melbourne, Australia.
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