From the Editor…

Discussion and creating of The Red Pen has been swirling around the heads of a group of us since about April this year after I pitched an idea to a group of creative people who also shared my world view.

We’re almost ready to show you what we’ve come up with.

The inspiration was essentially to see what creative impulses exist within those that are engaged with radical ideas and interested in changing the world. It isn’t an exercise in propaganda and I didn’t ask people to write political fiction, but what came out was what motivated these people personally; at various levels it was political, or their motivations that linked with their politics informed a kind of subtext to some of the pieces.

It was also intended as a medium where those contributors who did want to express their politics through their creations could do so without the pressures from other publications to restrain it or tone it down.

I think we have some really great pieces ready to be unveiled in the first issue with some great writing and some great ideas. I hope that the zine can do their pieces justice and help reach enough readers that the creations deserve.

We hope to release it both in print and digitally in early August with launches in Melbourne and Sydney. And we hope you’ll help us come along for the ride by spreading the word, reading the pieces and coming along.


About Benjamin Solah

My name's Benjamin Solah. I'm a horror writer and Marxist revolutionary from Melbourne, Australia.
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